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The Sketchbook

Here's where I keep most of what I believe to be good enough to put on display. Things I don't consider good enough are mostly terribly unfinished sketches or digital edits and stuff that just doesn't belong here. This section is divided into categories; You'll be able to browse them by selecting them from the list on the left, and then the chosen category will appear in tbe box below.

A small warning: The Randomisms category contains works that may or may not be graphically violent and/or shocking for those who do not posess a sense of humor and a little imagination. None of what is displayed in Randomisms reflects my human character in any way whatsoever, it is merely art; I made it to pass time. Just like any other artist, one ventures into creating works that display a certain emotion or are thought provoking. If such works do not agree with you, I kindly suggest you keep to the other categories.

On another note: To put your mind at ease, No I do not draw 'furotica' or 'yiff'. Please do not ask me to draw such things either. In the rare event that I do draw clotheless figures, they are strictly anatomy studies and will lack the details, obviously.


Guest Art
The Secret of N.I.M.H.
Walt Disney
Asterix & Obelix
Fan Art


Juli 21st 2005
Internet Explorer users: The iFrame used to insert bits of the gallery into the center box doesn't properly render in IE6+SP2 and breaks out of the right side of the center box, going offscreen in cases where you as a viewer have a screen resolution lower than 1024x768. Personally I blame Internet Explorer for it's lack of real development over the past years, but this doesn't solve your viewing problem. A solution could be to wait till they finally fix things in IE7, or to use Firefox instead and become a happy camper. And if you don't like that, you could always [SHIFT]+Click on the links instead.

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