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Who, me?

Hi, i'm Sander. And this is my corner on the Internet. I have the receipt, don't bother. (Ha ha)

I was born on May 22nd 1980 in Den Helder, The Netherlands where I grew up in my home town Julianadorp and went to school for my first years in life. From there i've been moving around a bit and nowadays I spend my days further down the map in a town called Uitgeest. I spend most of my time working at one of my former colleges as their System Administrator, part time webmaster and generally being the Jack-of-all-trades. I do like my job, as I get to practise my biggest hobby (computers and such) while being paid for it. Plus, I like helping people, and you get to do a lot of that when you work in a public school. On the personal side, I fill whatever little free time I have left tweaking my home computers, learning more and more of Linux and Free Software, writing a webpage here and there, trying my hand at sketching (mostly 'Furry Art'. I keep to the all-audiences side of the fandom.), writing, and creative stuff like that. Lately i've also been busy with robotics and modifying existing equipment ('modding') again, something I haven't done in a few years.

And Xarane?

Xarane is my spirit child. It started as an idea around 1998/1999, back in those days where fancy (affordable) high speed Cable and DSL Internet connections didn't even exist yet for the public, and I was still messing around on a then high-tech Pentium 166Mhz/MMX desktop computer with a whopping 4GB of disk space. Some time later, I think it was about a year maybe, that I moved my business over to a newer computer and eventually bought a scanner so I could mess around with scanning things like drawings and pictures. Back then I also discovered a new interest in writing stories, which I actually didn't start on my regular desktop computer, but on a palmtop computer, the Oregon Scientific Osaris. I found this handy because I could carry it wherever I went (and I did), and thus I spent some hours during holidays staring at a small 2.5"x4" monochrome screen, pecking away at the tiny keyboard to write chunks of what I hope to be Xarane's complete story some day. I later lost track of my writings because of computer crashes and (a lot) of school horror. It wasn't until later that I actually drew something that resembled the furry persona (see Xolo Cinaed in the Sketchbook.) I had formed for myself after discovering the Furry fandom on the Internet right before summer break back in 2000. Xolo is my totem (with kind respects to those connected to the original culture, I do not wish to offend. My totem belief is strong. I didn't choose, it just happened.) Some years ago, I had just gotten Internet through regular dialup after many troubles with 'free' ISP's. There I had discovered Yerf, where the artworks from a certain very gifted artist inspired me to start drawing again after I had stopped doing that in my first 4 college years back in 1997. Though I attempt to draw as precise as I can, I regret to say I am not being a very good at it, since most of the time I can't really get out on paper what I have in my head. Ofcourse I get told I need to practise more, something I am still trying to do with all the things that keep my mind busy. I do intend to at least become good enough to actually color my own work. Currently i'm gathering inspiration and also educational material in the form of books that describe drawing, animation and coloring techniques so I may educate myself towards a point where I can get my thoughts out on paper. That still un-bought Wacom tablet is taunting me as well, grr..

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