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Welcome, traveler

To Xarane, home to my online sketchbook, pet projects and other gathered randomisms. Go ahead and have a look around. At the top you'll find the menu for the main sections of Xarane, and on the left you'll find links for their respective subsections.

Some minor changes

I've finally done something about the guestbook spam. When I first installed the guestbook it worked and there was no spam, till eventually over the past year and a half spam started to come in. Perhaps one or two messages a week, then suddenly 5 a week, then the trend changed to a daily 5 to 10, and lately i've been getting well over 100 spam messages per day. So I went looking for a solution, and found that Carbonize and grelli had been working on eliminating this exact same problem I was facing. So thanks, guys, you can mark up another notch on your coding stick for this one. I saw that a lot of people had trouble adding the modifications so if by any far chance there's any interest i'm also available for assistance with adding the human verification mod to Advanced Guestbook.
So, my darling spammers, if I notice any more messages coming into the guestbook now, I will have you exactly where I want you - and you will know it too.


As from July 15th 2005, this is how the new design will look. For now. It's much cleaner without tables to define the layout, and (hopefully) properly set up with valid HTML and CSS. Kudos to Rob from for letting me nick parts of his CSS from his Layout Reservoir and answering some questions for me regarding CSS. Now that the design part is (mostly) out of the way, i'm going to try and focus on art some more, and hopefully have something to update the sketchbook with at some point in the near future. As for the holes in some part of the website, that is done intentionally. I still need something to do once in a while!

Back to theme

I'm also going to focus more on the main intended theme of, and that is the entire lineage of the story behind Xarane and it's characters, the technology, the history, the myths and legends, the life of might and magic intertwined. I have big plans. I have an entire lifetime.


A Dawning
The Characters
The Story

What's new?

April 5th 2006
Locked down the guestbook with a human verification mod to prevent easy access to spambots.

August 31st 2005
Tweaked some small things here and there. Ideas for unfinished pages still brewing before upload.

July 30th 2005
Noticed the Guestbook signing option wasn't working, fixed it.

July 22nd 2005
Lucky_Devil wallpaper added to Randomisms in the Sketchbook, and updated a few pages.

July 21st 2005
Several minor updates on some links, and the Sketchbook should work again.

July 15th 2005
New layout (mostly) done, some colors and pages still need a little more tweaking. Time to focus on art.

July 3rd 2005
No more 'tabled' layout!.

So far, we've had


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